Sunday, 13 January 2013

Two Birds With One Stone

My sister Joanna and her blog ( are huge Rox On Jewelry supporters! In one of her most recent posts she was wearing the piece that I am featuring today. It is called Two Birds with One Stone and coincidentally it was Joanna herself that tried on the gold wrap-around bracelet and mentioned that you could wear it as a necklace too. And voilĂ ! Rox On's signature piece was created.

Bracelets can be tricky to make because everyone's wrist is a different size. If you choose to wear Two Birds as a bracelet all you need to do is wrap it around your wrist several times and attach it to the link that works for you. Or sling it around your neck for a great chunky necklace.
30" long  $40 Avaialble in the following colours:
Gold chain with either pink, purple, light green, or dark green/black stones.
Silver chain with either light green or dark greek/black stones (featured in picture)

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